Cinderella 2018

    Cinderella – A magical musical on Ice

    High Lite Touring provided production material and technically implemented the tour of Cinderella, A magical musical on Ice. The tour started on  November 25th, 2017 in Zlin, CZ and continued into Liberec, Brno, Pardubice, Košice (SK), České Budějovice, Dusseldorf (DE), Karlovy Vary and Ostrava ending up on  January 13th 2018 in O2 Arena, Prague

    High Lite Touring provided the tour with rigging material, lighting, audio and LED Display Technologies.

    For rigging, we used 45x 1t motors and 250 meters of truss. Visual part consisted of 90m2 of P6 LED display technologies with 2x Christie projector. Visual content has been driven by the Catalyst Media Server rig. Lighting equipment in setup of 30x MAC Viper Spot, 10x MAC 2000 Spot, 40x MAC 301, 40x LED Bar RGB Stairville, 2x RJ Cyrano 2500W, 2x RJ Merlin 2500W.

    As for Audio Equipment, L-Acoustics KARA system in count of 36pieces has been used as a general setup for the arenas in configuration of 6 clusters by 6-element line arrays, controlled by Yamaha CL5 console.

    Historically, High Lite Touring cooperates on Cinderella project over almost seven years, started this cooperation in 2011.


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