Colours of Ostrava 2014

    Alike last few years, even this year High Lite Touring company has been honoured to be providing the multi-genre festival Colours of Ostrava, namely Main stage and Drive stage with sound, lighting, rigging and video equipment and crew of experienced professionals.

    Main Stage sound reinforcement system has been configured to accommodate needs of the audience area of 100x100m and to provide the crystal clear sound reinforcement even at the remotest parts of this area. Thus, the L-Acoustics SR system in following configuration has been applied: 14x K1 + 4x K1SB + 3x KARA per side as a main hang, 12x K2 +x K1SB per side as out-fill, two positions of delays by 10x K1 per tower, 32x SB28 ground stacked subs

    Stage design and lighting rig has been designed by Ivo Mechel (Lighting Department Chief) and contained following setup: 23x Martin MAC Viper, 23x Vari*Lite VL3500 wash, 30x Martin MAC 301, 32x Clay Paky Sharpy, 17x Martin Atomic 3000, Blinders: 24x 2-Lite, 13x 4-Lite, 12x 8-Lite. The system has been operated from Grand MA2 Light console.

    The Stage design included five strips of the LED screen P20 curtain of dimensions 320 x 576cm, which functioned as a „show booster“ and scenical LED screen for the acts that either bring their own motion picture content or just backdrop graphic works. The LED screens were fed by Catalyst Pro V4 media server controlled by the desk Chamsys MagicQ 100 Pro + MagicQ Playback Wing.

    High Lite Touring also provided trussing and rigging equipment and rigging services for this stage.

    Beside this, HLT for the second year provided smaller Drive Stage with sound and lighting equipment and stage systems.







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