Habera & Team „33“ Tour

    High Lite Touring company designed, engineered and implement complete touring and production services from vision to final realisation for slovakian band TEAM with frontman singer Pavol Habera.

    HLT provided original stage design, lighting design and video controlling and provided technically the entire tour with lighting, video, sound and stage/rigging equipment, including all technical crew, and provided logistics and trucking services for the tour.

    The tour has been supported by state-of-the-art production material:



    Martin MAC VIper

    CLay Paky A.Leda K20 B-EYE

    CLay Paky SHarpy

    Martin MAC 301

    Showtec Sunstrip

    Sound – L-Acoustics systems:

    K1 main PA

    K2 outfill PA

    KARA – frontfills and rear fills

    SB28 subs

    HiQ 15XT wedges

    all powered by LA8 amplifiers in Touring racks

    LED screen:

    122SQM of P6.67 LED screen

    98SQM of P20 frame screen

    Catalyst Pro V4 mediaserver

    digital cameras and E/M swithcher

    Rigging/Stage material:

    Ground support structure 28x 12m incl PA wings

    complete trussing and rigging material

    NIVTEC flexible stage system

    Tour has started with rehearsals in Zimny stadion In Prievidza, were the band kicked off the tour with first gig on May st 2016. Since that time the entire five truck production rolled over Slovakia and Czech Republic until mid of June.


    May 01 Zimný štadión Prievidza, Slovakia
    May 04 Steel Arena Kosice, Slovakia
    May 06 Zimný štadión mesta Poprad Poprad, Slovakia
    May 11 AEGON ARÉNA Bratislava, Slovakia
    May 12 AEGON ARÉNA Bratislava, Slovakia
    May 16 Zimný stadion Martin, Slovakia
    May 20 Zimní stadion Luďka Čajky Zlín, Czech Republic
    May 24 Zimní stadion Olomouc Olomouc, Czech Republic
    May 26 DRFG Arena Brno, Czech Republic
    May 28 Zimní Stadion HC Rebel Havlíčkův Brod, Czech Republic
    May 30 Tipsport Arena Pardubice, Czech Republic
    Jun 01 O2 Arena Prague, Czech Republic
    Jun 03 SD Arena Chomutov, Czech Republic
    Jun 05 HM Arena Plzen, Czech Republic
    Jun 07 Budvar Arena Ceské Budejovice, Czech Republic
    Jun 09 Ostravar Arena Ostrava, Czech Republic
    Jun 13 DRFG Arena Brno, Czech Republic

    Stage Design: Michal Šiška
    Project manager: Michal Šiška and Martin Duda
    Touring Production Manager: Marek Landštof
    Lighting Designer and Operator: Lukas Patzenhauer
    Video Design: Martin Dřevojánek and Pavol Habera
    Video Operator and Chief Video Technician: Martin Dřevojánek
    PA System Technician: Radek Lesa (KSE)
    Chief Rigger: Matúš „Green“ Buzalka
    Chief Lighting Tech: Petr Kotyza, Ivo Mechel
    Chief Stage technician: Josef Rotter

    Rigging Crew: Zdeněk Nečesaný, Stano Bednár, Jan Runčák, Marián Jankura
    Lighting Crew: Michal Kit, Vladimír Albert, Ivo Mechel, Lukáš Hirčák, Petr Kubišta
    Video Crew: Matěj Harszányi, Pavol Drdoš, Roman Panák
    Sound Crew: Jakub Skriniar, Květoš Balšán, Jan Novotný
    Drivers: Roman Panák, Pavel Pavlíček, Jan Pavlovský, Robert Kubíčko

    Big Thank You to All of You!

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