Majáles 2014

    At the turn of April and May 2014, High Lite Touring company has technically provided and engineered the gigantic main stage for Majáles festival in Prague and in Brno, the long-time established festival orientated on the university students audience.

    The festival is headlined by the Czech and Slovakian artists and the line-up at the main stage contained such a names as Chinaski, Mandrage and Tomáš Klus band. The stage set for this year was really magnificent and promoter presented really amazing visual show including special effects and pyrotechnics, and has provided exceptional experience to audience.

    Technical implementation of the main stage has been realized based on the technical design of stage designer Martin Hruška and his engineering and design company S.A.L.D., which is known for its creative and extraordinary approach to show design on the highest international level, what beside the other projects, the SALD shows also on the another very interesting project, the design of the stage for 2014 arena tour of the legendary Czech pop-rock band LUCIE (see other news).

    Back to the Majales project, the entire width of the stage structure has been almost 56 meters with 20 meters height. The main structure has been constructed from the Layher All-Round system, decorated with banners with the large scale digital printing at the front side.

    High Lite Touring has provided the entire structure of the stage construction including the stage roof and fully waterproof masking and the 20m front thrust; lighting equipment (24x Vari*Lite VL3500, 24x Martin MAC VIPER, 22x MAC2000 Profile II, 24x Clay Paky Sharpy, 40x Martin MAC301, 24x Atomic 3000 and others) controlled by the GrandMA2 Light console; PA system L-Acoustics K1 with side flown subs K1SBs, combined with brand new L-Acoustics K2 s as outfills and KARA cabinets applied as downfill a frontfill in following setup: 32x K1, 16x K1SB, 24x K2, 14x KARA, 32x SB28, 45x LA8.

    Sound system has been controlled with the Yamaha CL5 at FOH and Yamaha PM5D-RH at monitor position. Beside all these HLT provided about 300 squared meters of LED outdoor screens with 10mm a 20mm resolution and special effects of the Magic FX manufacturer (StageFlame, Stadium Shot, Super Blaster XL, CO2 Jet).

    Lighting Design: Lukáš Patzenhauer, PA System Engineer and FOH Engineer: Radek Lesa; Project manager, production manager: Michal Šiška . The realisation has been carried out with the team of 20 HLT technicians, installation of individual technologies has been managed by the leading HLT technicians: David Steiniger (rigging), Ivo Mechel (lights), Radek Lesa (audio), Martin Dřevojánek (LED screens), Jan Suchánek (staging systems) and the construction of the Layher system managed by Michal Zelenák.







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