After four years, High Lite Touring has been again providing live show of Metallica in Czech Republic with the rigging, lighting and sound equipment. Despite the really bad weather conditions under the heavy rain, we eagerly endured in getting over these challenges and made our best to keep the show running.


    Please pass along our sincere thanks to the lighting crew for an outstanding day in Prague!!!

    We rely very heavily on the performance of the local vendors on these festival runs, and cannot accomplish our lofty goals without them.

    Your crew did an outstanding job, and we cannot thank you enough!!

    Many thanks!

    Rob Koenig


    The Gear:

    The show has been provided with lighting rig consisting mainly of 125pcs of Vari*Lite VL3500 wash, 20pcs of VL3500 Spot, 60pcs of Clay Paky Sharpy and 54pcs of SGM XC-5.

    The sound reinforcement system has been configured to accommodate needs of the audience area and expected powerful sound pressure coming from the system under the control of „Big“ Mick Hughes. Yes, and without doubts, the best system for this kind of application, that can really cope with these requirements is L-Acoustics K1 with its smaller powerful brother L-Acoustics K2

    Main hang: 16x K1 + 4x KARA per side
    Subs hang: 12x K1 SB per side
    Out-fill hang: 8x K1 + 3x KARA per side
    Side-fill hang: 6x K2 per side
    Centre-fill hang: 6x KUDO
    Delay Hangs: two hangs of 8x K2
    Ground Stacked Subs: 48x SB28
    Amplification: 23x LA RAKs mounted with 69x LA8 amps
    And that sounds like rock‘n‘roll isnit?






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