The Illusionists – EU tour


    High Lite Touring is providing European tour of world most popular magicians band „The Illusionists“ with audio and lighting equipment and crew. So far, the tour has visited in a total sixteen cities in Europe. Tour kicked off first show in Barcelona and ended up in Budapest. Most of the shows were sold out.

    For visual part, High Lite Touring collaborated with lighting designer Paul Smith, who designed the lighting concept of the whole show. Lighting rig consists of 22x Clay Paky K20 B-EYE, 14x Martin MAC Viper Performance, 11x Martin MAC Viper Profile, 14x Robe Pointe, 12x ETC Lustr II.

    As for the audio, the L-Acoustics system has been used in the following configuration: 4x SB 28, 4x SB 18, 24x KARA and have been controlled with Yamaha PM5D-RH at FOH position.

    High Lite Touring started the cooperation with Illusionists back in 2013. HLT technically realized tours on September – December 2013, and November 2016 to March 2017. Currently the tour continues in 2018 with the planned shows in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Monaco, and Slovakia.





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